Our staff members here at the Online Men's Health Resources receive countless emails from guys with tons of "penis" questions.  Besides the obvious questions on 'how to make it bigger", the most frequently asked question is:
    "How do I make my penis more erect?"
    The techniques in our Online Manual are designed to increase both the length and girth of your penis, as well as improve its natural health and strength. Erection performance is also taken into consideration.  You can absolutely achieve a harder and firmer penis by using the exercises we recommend.
    But what about supplements?
    Are there really pills and formulas available that make the penis hard... or more importantly, that KEEP the penis hard?  Because we're a research company, we like to research EVERY product specifically designed to improve penis performance.
    We can honestly say we've tried a few products that really worked!  However, we've also tried some that turned out to be complete duds (and expensive duds at that!).  We believe in the principle of free enterprise, so we won't list the names of those products that didn't work.  Who knows... maybe they work for other people.  We are more than happy, though, to list the names of products that achieved incredible results.
    So then, which supplements really help you achieve and keep a harder penis?  There are THREE products you should look at.  Which one you end up purchasing really depends on your own specific needs and the price you wish to spend.



     VIG-RX Plus Pills



    These amazing pills earn the Penis Enlargement Magazine Editor's Choice for Best Enhancement Pills on the market!  From the fantastic folks at Albion Medical!  You've probably seen the commercial for these pills on television, or read about them in Maxim, Penthouse and Rolling Stone.  For the past six years, Albion Medical's previous bestselling product, the VigRX Pill (see entry below) was at the forefront of successful enlargement supplements.  However, this past year, their lab department actually improved upon the old pill by altering a few ingredients... and, voila, they created a new penis pill which amazingly surpasses the old one!!  The VigRX Plus Pill contains a "magical" ingredient called Bioperine... no other pill contains this!



    SizePro Pills



    This new addition to the "penis enlargement industry" is proving to be very popular with men!  The pill was designed specifically to compete with all the other high-profile brands on the market, and it seems to have paid off.  Men have noticed a 25% size increase... some as much as 30%!!  In addition, they have noticed much stronger erections and more sexual energy in the bedroom.  Includes some very powerful ingredients including L-Arginine, Vitamin E, and Ginkgo Biloba.  The pills are endorsed by Dr. Michael Carter, and come with a full moneyback guarantee.  An excellent choice for size-challenged men!



    Pro-Solution Pills



    Doctor-approved and backed with a moneyback guarantee, the Pro-Solution Pills are swiftly becoming the #1 "Enlargement Pills" on the Net... and with good reason.  The reports on these pills from our readers so far have been TERRIFIC!  Guys have noticed very impressive gains (around 2 inches) when the pills are used in conjunction with daily enlargement exercises.  They are not only designed to enlarge the penis, they also intensify the male orgasm, strengthen erection functioning, and increase the level and amount of ejaculation.  An A+ Product!

The products above will make you harder. 
"Now, don't you want your penis to be bigger?"
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